5 Best Tools to Achieve Glowing Skin

Did you know that skin is actually one of the biggest organs in our bodies? Many women struggle with having bad skin- from serious acne to little but still not appealing imperfections like blackheads or inflamed skin. A whole host of things can throw our skin out of whack. Things, that you may have never thought about like sleeping with your hand under your face so that the germs from your palms are clogging your pores or you never disinfect your phone and then putting it close to your skin when talking. Don't worry, here we listed the top 5 pimple-preventing beauty tools in order to kick your skincare routine into high gear.

  1. Facial cleansing brush

Cleansing has always been the crucial first step of a good skincare routine. You probably don’t know that manually cleansing your skin is not the same as using an electric cleansing brush. Electric skincare devices deeply cleanse pores to remove all impurities. So, if you don’t have a cleansing brush, you now know what your next purchase should be!

  1. Deep blackhead remover

There’s nothing more annoying than blackheads! Removing them manually can often cause acne appearance. With a blackhead remover, the extraction of blackheads is guaranteed to be a safe and effective beauty procedure.

  1. Facial massage roller

The simple act of massaging your face with a face roller has a ton of benefits for the skin. Regular usage of a facial roller can stimulate blood flow which eventually will lead to brighter and firmer skin. Decreased puffiness, soothed skin and tighter pores are also among the numerous benefits of the roller.

  1. Jade Gua Sha

Gua sha is an ancient healing technique used in traditional Chinese medicine that includes gliding this tool over your face in tandem with a serum. This naturally firms skin, increases blood flow, eases tension, stimulates cell renewal, smooths out lines and wrinkles, and improves nutrient absorption from serums!

  1. Facial LED beauty mask

The LED masks emit varying wavelengths of light that treat different skin concerns- inflammation, acne-causing bacteria, blood circulation. LED beauty masks are best used to help stimulate collagen production.

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