Ultrasonic skin scrubbers & face spatulas. What are they and should you use them or not?

Well, an ultrasonic skin scrubber, also know as a face spatula, is a device that generates ultrasonic sound-waves (28,000 vibrations per second), to loosen up dead skin cell build up and debris.

Why this is useful is because, if you have sensitive skin, it is effective in combination with your regular skin routine products to cleanse your face. There is no threat of harm to your precious skin. This gentle exfoliation technique will be effective in dirt removal in most cases. Apart from flat areas of the face that could still require supporting facial cleansing for tough blackheads.

Continuous usage of the ultrasonic spatula will treat some of your skin complaints like excess oil, clogged pores, dry skin, whiteheads, and blackheads, even texture, polluted skin and skin tones that are dull. So, it does the trick.

What about its alternatives?

This facial cleanser lacks discs, brushes or any harsh techniques that collect bacteria and dead skin, unlike other beauty equipment. The exfoliation can aid in beneficial skin care products being better absorbed into your skin through the pores.  You only need to clean the spatula, after using it, with an alcohol wipe and store it in the storage case.

It has been reported by a customer “I did see my pores appear smaller and clearer immediately after using the scrubber. And since you're not supposed to press down or squeeze like you would with your hands or a looped metal tool, you're less likely to scratch or scar that way.”

Advice for use

With that being said, the tool has limits to its use.

A recommendation would be to not use it every day. Using the spatula daily will cause your skin to over-exfoliate. Make sure that you keep the spatula at an angle of 45 degrees and the direction that you move in ascertains the effect on your skin. When using this device don’t pause too long in some areas, they may turn red, which may seem contrary to the claim of the device being suited to sensitive skin.

Too much of anything is never good, so be careful! Again, I must reiterate that, the ultrasonic scrubber / spatula is a great tool for skin prone to redness, and this skin type generally does not respond as well to other methods of exfoliation.

You need to have wet skin for good exfoliation as well as a safe one, that would not cause you discomfort or unwanted results. As well as this, be wary about the quality of the skin you run the spatula over; dry or flaky skin is a no-no. You can also use it with your favourite skincare products for better absorption and penetration!

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